1. It is an insult to tell your stylist how to cut your hair, you would never dream of telling your doctor/dentist what to do. It's okay to say clipper, razor, or shear cut.

2.  CANCELLATION POLICY: $25 Deposit REQUIRED when booking online.  NO REFUNDS, NO EXCEPTIONS! Therefore make sure you book accordingly to time and date. (*You can also pay full amount). The deposit goes for every service EXCEPT CONSULTATIONS.  NEW Clients MUST schedule a CONSULTATION FIRST. This is a separate service.   Please see Cancellation Policy (2). An additional $10 fee will apply for those who do not follow this protocol period.   Booking online operates from the 12th  of each month.  However, you can only book for one month.  No exceptions to the policy.  Please ask questions before booking  your appointments.  New clients that haven’t been seen within 6 months is considered new and will need to schedule a consultation before  booking other services.  This is for  ALL SERVICES! We live by integrity and respect your strands. 

1.   A  Stylist time and effort is valuable! 

2.   NO KIDS unless they are being serviced by stylist.  Age limit  is 10 & up for booking online services.

4. Loud Cell Phones in the reception area are unacceptable. So please limit your cell phone communication in the salon. Clients come to the salon to unplug and relax.

5. Communication is the key with the stylist. Honesty is truly the best policy! If you do not like your hair style, please let your stylist know the same day. Therefore, they can correct it on the same day 

6. NO FOOD! NO FOOD! We do not like bugs and the mess it causes. Cleanliness is important in the salon and we know you like a clean environment. We do too!

7. LATE ARRIVAL! If you are late for your appointment, you might be asked to

reschedule and additional monies will be REQUIRED.  

8.  Lastly, Please visit our Facebook Page for updated pictures.

Thank you for viewing our Salon Etiquette Page.  Book Your Appointments.

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