Natural Locs

Standard methods in cultivating your locs may vary depending on how long or thick your hair already is and what we have to do to start the installation ($130 & up) plus $ 25 NO REFUND. We do not add additional hair (WEAVE) to the locs. CONSULTATION SERVICE FIRST which is separate service (*SEE NEW CLIENT in Salon Etiquette). The system will remind you of your appointments, so make sure your SERIOUS about the appointment and reschedule before 48 hours to prevent additional fees (*SEE Salon Etiquette). The system will remind you of your appointments two days before your scheduled appointment and again on your special day. Please make sure your personal information is input correctly, and date/time for the appointment is what was entered. NO EXCEPTIONS! NO REFUNDS! Your feedback is always welcome. After, a professional experienced assessment of your hair, root and scalp, we’ll better be able to determine which modality is best to use. You will need an 1"- 2" of hair if it is tight to start the process. 3"-5 inches if your hair is loose and curly. About 6 inches if your hair is straight and or wavy. You are welcome to schedule a consultation ($25 N0 REFUND= 20 mins*SEE Salon Etiquette) for other service as well. If it’s been more than six months, it’s REQUIRED to schedule a CONSULTATION FIRST . *This is a SEPARATE SERVICE that cost $25 for a lot information pertaining to your strands. We can better tailor to your needs with this service. BOOK ONLINE APPOINTMENTS BY THE CLICKING THE LINK AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE (After you have read the Salon Etiquette and agree to all *terms and conditions). We are looking forward to seeing you. Team HoneyB! 


To keep your locs looking attractive you will need to come in at first every 4-6 weeks depending on what you can stomach financially and fashionably. We can successfully loc any hair type but the length of time it takes for the hair to actually loc depends on the texture, your lifestyle, and patience. Yes, we shampoo all strands including newbie locs unless the service say* only. Knowledge is powerful and strands grow with healthy scalps. ~HoneyB


Double Twist Short/Medium $65 up (pin up additional$15)

Double Twist Long Strands $75 up(pin up additional $15

Comb Twist $65~up

Regular Starter Locs $130~up Retwist $70~up

Mini Starter Locs 140~up Retwist $90~up

Shampoo/Condition $30 SHORT HAIR (only)

Corn Rows $35~up(*men only)


Consultation $25 Non-Refundable (*See Etiquette)

late fee $10 (*See Etiquette)

Repair $10 perloc

Loc Styling $25~up(*only)

Pin & Tuck $25~up (*only)

Trim additional $10 ADD-ON(*SEE MAIN SERVICE)

Clipper Cuts $20 (only)

Women Shear Haircut $25 (only)

HAIR COLOR SERVICE (Requires a Consultation first to determine the color desire. This only takes place if the strands are healthy and no other concerns by the stylist. Integrity is everything at HoneyB's Natural Hair Salon. Please, no outside color allowed in the salon. We don't carry all colors, so please make sure all information is translated to the stylist during the consultation. HoneyB will make sure their clients have the right color to compliment those beautiful strands and add to the face. Booking your appointment is a consent to release HoneyB Natural Hair Salon & Lounge LLC from being liable for any chemical service. *(See Salon Etiquette ) HoneyB will never jeopardize the integrity of the client strands and have future problems as the result. We are here to educated our clients about their strands our motto is, "Integrity is Everything" and we aim to maintain our clients trust.  

Hair Coloring $65~up (*one color application)

Highlights $55(one color application)

Color Change additional $15 (*See Hair Coloring for price )Ask questions

Double color additional $10 (*See Hair Coloring for price) Ask questions


Shampoo/Condition $30 (only)

Shea Butter $20~up

Breakage Treatment $15~up

Moisture Treatment $15~up

Scalp Treatment $20~up

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